The ultimate tote!

The ultimate tote:
Our Carolina bag:

Not long ago, Alma and I were talking about the perfect tote. 
It was February and we wanted to create the perfect bag: ageless, with space, perfect for day or night, timeless, and of course practical. Not a challenge at all.
It's been a while since I don't write a blog post, but writing it's my hidden passion (besides designing). So with not much to say, let me introduce you to Carolina:
Our best-selling bag.

The first thing Alma told me when we first saw the prototype was: I still can't see myself wearing it, something's off (and indeed there was something that wasn't working). The designing process is always a roller coaster, with ups and downs, but not even all the struggle can take away the satisfaction of creating a piece that women feel comfortable wearing.

Our bag has the perfect shape for any type of style. We thought about it because Alma and I have so different styles yet we complement each other very well. I like to think of this bag as the perfect mix of romantic/classic and clean/minimalistic. A bag that can represent any women, regardless age style??